Wednesday, February 9, 2011

An Energy Teaser for the SST Conference

As more elements of the March 11th South Sound Technology Conference fall in to place I thought I might mention the morning energy breakout session presentation by Dr. George Mobus.

His current working title is:

The Critical Energy Challenges: Time and Scale

Dr George Mobus will be presenting on how effective alternative renewable energy sources may be as opposed to fossil fuels. He will discuss peak oil and peak net energy with attention to the potential decline rates from these sources. The biggest challenge according to professor Mobus is the time frame for replacing our current level of net energy with renewable/alternative sources, and the various conservation approaches to reduce the scale problem.

His passion for the topic is obvious, as is his straight forward approach. As he has said of his presentation, “ this represents an honest assessment of the challenges ahead as a prod to why we need massive investment in those technologies that stand a chance of meeting the challenges.”

To get a feel for his ideas and passion about energy and systems science, check out his blog "Question Everything".

Following his presentation will be a panel discussion from industry and energy experts, including Graham Evans, former Executive Director at Washington Clean Technology Alliance and current Senior Vice President with EQ².

Also on the panel will be Andy Wappler,vice president, Corporate Affairs for Washington-based Puget Sound Energy, utility subsidiary of Puget Energy.

As head of Corporate Affairs, Wappler is responsible for the company’s ongoing efforts to enhance relationships with communities, government agencies and major customers, as well as the company’s communications. He also is the chairman and president of the Puget Sound Energy Foundation.

According to their website, "Puget Sound Energy is the Pacific Northwest’s largest utility producer of renewable energy and, among investor-owned utilities, is America’s second-largest generator of wind power."

I have a third panel guest on tap, though they may be given a breakout segment of their own depending on how their presentation comes together.

So join us on March 11th for the day. Registration is only 15 dollars and it comes with lunch. Such a deal.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

SHIFT Award Nominations Open

SHIFT is an annual event that debuted on March 10, 2010 at Theater on the Square in downtown Tacoma, WA. This event was created in order to recognize companies in the South Puget Sound that exhibit successful, innovative approaches to utilizing or developing technology for the purposes of business sustainability.

Nominees and finalists were selected by the 2010 SHIFT Advisory Board, made up of local volunteers representing South Puget Sound business and technology. The four companies asked to share their story at the 2010 event were Hotel Murano, MorphoTrak, BCRA, and Internet Identity.

Nominations are now open for the 2011 SHIFT Awards and we would like to invite you to nominate a South Sound company or organization. The idea for this event is not to choose a "winner" above all others, but rather give organizations a chance to share their story and hopefully inspire others.

The SHIFT nomination form can be found at here.

Please feel free to contact Mandi Webster-Martin or 253.272.2248 with any questions. A date for the actual event will be announced later this year.