Wednesday, August 24, 2011

ISSA Tacoma Programming

The ISSA (Information Security Systems Assn.) puts on free monthly workshops featuring a guest speaker each month.

It is held on the first Tuesday of each month and they will start back up in September after a summer break.  The next is Tuesday, Sept. 6th in the Tacoma Room from 6 - 8 pm. Anyone can come that is interested.

Program Information:  Abstract:

Congratulations, your edge is secure and your users have Security and Privacy policies to guide their activities. So why is it that according to Carnegie Mellon more than 30% of electronic crime is committed by insiders and the ACFE estimates that 4% of total revenue is lost to fraud? That’s more than many company’s total IT budgets. What we are hearing from banks, hospitals, state and local government, etc is that their limited visibility to what credentialed users are actually doing limits their ability to proactively identify and investigate suspicious user activity.

What can be done about it? You will see the End User Behavior Tracking & Analysis technology that Gartner named “Cool Vendor – Security & Privacy”. Local ISSA leadership who has seen this technology has said “this could challenge how we think about monitoring."

The goal for the night is to use the demonstration as a jumping off point to discuss why the Internal Threat is so challenging for you to detect inappropriate activity as well as share successful strategies to address this risk. What effective strategies have you seen or implemented? Your Monitor, Fraud and Incident response colleagues will want to be here.

With NIST taking comments for better Internal Threat controls, FFIEC recently adding customer behavioral analysis and Healthcare Accounting of Disclosure rules in review this topic is getting lots of attention. As one organization stated “This can take us from playing Pin the Tail on the Donkey blind-folded to being Tom Cruise in Minority Report.”

Program Speakers: Mark Benoit & Tony Luque

Tony Luque, CISSP - Security Solutions Engineering Manager
Tony Luque has worked in the information security industry for more than 10 years. Most recently joining Attachmate from Symantec where he worked with large enterprise accounts across the risk spectrum of solutions. Today, his work is focused on Fraud Management, monitoring and investigations. He received his bachelor's degree in business administration from the University of Washington. Luque's past speaking engagements have included Linux World, HP World, and Washington Technology Group across solutions such as DLP and secure communications.

Mark Benoit – Security Specialist
Over the last 15+ years Mark has worked for global providers of network, managed and professional services. Most recently prior to Attachmate, Mark worked at Verizon Business - CyberTrust Security supporting the 6th largest US bank. Mark is currently an Attachmate Security Specialist working primarily with Banks, Healthcare and Government across the country focusing on Fraud and Privacy initiatives. He received a BA from Washington State University and completed The Management Program at the University of Washington.

For more information, contact Betty Perry, UW Tacoma Conference Services at 253-692-4676 or via this website.