Monday, May 7, 2007

Tacoma Angels Make Regional Connections

It's time today for me to file a report on the ACA Northwest Regional Conference held last month concurrent with the Washington Technology Summit. I participated in this event on behalf of the TacomaAngel Network along with Larry Kopp, TAN's Co-Chair.

The Angel Capital Association (ACA) is a peer organization of angel investing groups in North America. This relatively new professional association focuses on networking and sharing of best practices among angel groups.

The ACA pulled together about thirteen investor groups from throughout the Pacific Northwest, including a few from Canada. The conference gave everyone a chance to network, compare notes, and learn "best practices"--or, at least, "common practices" for such a young, emerging field of endeavor.

The most significant result of this meeting was the beginning of an agreement to work together both to increase each group's deal flow through referrrals and to help with due diligence on compaines from each group's "back yard"; there may even be opportunities for groups to partner in syndication of really great enterprises.

There were also, of course, models for everyone to marvel on--and, of course, copy. My favorite was Mike Volker's Western University Technology Investment Fund, a Canadian solution for funding tech transfer. Not surprisingly, one group already has developed an ongoing blog about angel investing.

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