Monday, January 7, 2008

Spotlight: Avue Technologies

Linda Rix founded Avue Technologies Corporation profiled today in the business section of The News Tribune.

She’s since grown the Tacoma company to 80 employees with offices downtown; and in Washington, D.C.; Victoria, B.C.; and – most recently – Bremerton.

Rix: "I moved here as a kid and grew up here. My dad deployed to Vietnam from Fort Lewis and when he came back he wanted to retire in Tacoma. I went to school here and college here and started the company here.By the time it got to a national company and a big D.C. presence – which has been in the last eight years – we were already really well-established here. In terms of recruiting, we get some really fabulous people from the University of Washington campus here in computer science and engineering. That campus has made a huge difference in the labor market."

Rix, 50, spends most of her workweek in D.C., getting face time with her clients – federal government agencies.

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