Thursday, April 17, 2008

Congressman Adam Smith Requests Funding for Technology-Related Projects

Recently, Congressman Adam Smith requested fiscal year 2009 funding for technology-related projects of measurable value to local citizens and technology industry leaders of his Congressional District. Adam was pleased to request funding for the following projects:

Portable Device for Latent Fingerprint Identification. Funding to support Sagem Morpho’s development of a portable latent ID tool to enable rapid identification of criminals and terrorists ($1.8 million)

Madigan Army Hospital Digital Pen Project. Funding for Adapx, Inc. to bridge the digital and analog gap and test the integration of digital pen technology into patient care, battlefield, casualty care and optomology diagnosis ($250,000)

Mobile Object Infrastructure Technology. Funding for Topia Technology to continue research and development of solutions to network computing challenges, including bandwidth and information-sharing constraints for the Army’s Intelligence and Security Command. ($3 million)

Optical Neural Techniques for Combat/Post-Trauma Health Care. Defense funding of research and development by Aculight Corporation on infrared laser treatments to mitigate hearing loss, and address balance issues and chronic pain sufferance after surviving an explosion ($4.7 million)

Department of Defense-VA Medical Information Sharing Project. Funding to continue a successful Health-IT pilot to enhance user interfaces, increase data sharing, and improve standardization of documents ($1.5 million)

Digital Information Gathering System (DIGS). Funding for the King County Sheriff’s Office to create a technology-based means to facilitate inter-operable information sharing between law enforcement agencies ($1.5 million)

Rainier Communications Commission. Funding for improving interoperable communications for public safety and emergency management for local law enforcement in Pierce County ($250,000)

Valley Cities Public Safety Regional Wireless Broadband Network. Funding to support a technology upgrade where 911 communications for the public safety community will be switched from a radio to an IP-based system ($3.5 million)

Office of Defense Trade Controls. Funding to help handle the wave of backlogs due to several years of average annual 8 percent growth in application volume without sufficient departmental resources ($18.1 million)

Fuel Cell Hybrid Generation System with Shockwave Compression. Continued funding of a successful test effort between Ramgen and the Army on its computer-based models and demonstrated mechanical and aerodynamic capability of the compression technology for the new hybrid system ($2 million)

Power Grid Reliability. Funding will be used to research solutions to power grid instability, insecurity and lack of capacity ($2 million)

Seattle Science Foundation’s Blood-Brain Barrier Research. Funding to enhance the research facility and teleconference center for the more effective and efficient exchange of scientific findings and data with other researchers around the world ($500,000)

Closed-loop pH Monitoring System for Platelets. Authorizing language for the Department of Defense to fund research by Blood Cell Storage, Inc. on technology and methods of improving the shelf-life viability of blood platelet storage.

Smith Continues Support for Education Programs

Responding to concerns about educating the workforce voiced by technology leaders, Adam also made a request for funding for the following programs:

$1.7 billion for Career, Technical and Adult Education: The Administration’s fiscal year 2009 budget proposes cutting all programs under the Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Act, which includes the Perkins Basic State Grants and TechPrep. They were funded at $1.27 billion in fiscal year 2008 and $1.7 billion would address rising costs and demand.

$250,000 for Laboratories for Aviation High School Project, Highline School District: Funding would purchase equipment to support the Aviation High School’s innovative science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) curriculum.

$300,000 for Tacoma Community College Healthcare Clinical Simulation Lab Project. Funding to purchase and install high fidelity human patient simulators to equip the Tacoma Community College’s (TCC) current clinical simulation lab. This will begin TCC’s project to establish a functional interdisciplinary clinical simulation lab in the new 69,648 sq. ft. Health Careers Center for which construction is slated to begin July 2011.

$500,000 for University of Washington Biofuels Research & Development Infrastructure. Federal funding to support equipment and infrastructure upgrades at the Center for Biouels to expand their research capabilities and allow for development advances in biomass conversion.

Submitting projects for consideration by the leadership of the House Committee on Appropriations is the first step in a long process of securing federal funding – it does not indicate their approval by the House of Representatives.

“These projects will have a beneficial impact on the Ninth Congressional District. They provide quality services, create economic development and help address needs with government and private partnerships. I look forward to helping advance them through the budgetary process,” Adam said.

Smith Supports Other Vital Federal Initiatives

Adam relayed his support for continued funding of other valuable programs in the Commerce, Justice, Science and Related Agencies Subcommittee and the Energy and Water Subcommittee, including:

The National Science Foundation at $7.326 billion
The National Institute of Standards and Technology Construction Program at $99 million
Scientific and Technical Research at $535 million
The Technology and Innovation Program at $131.5 million
Industrial Technologies Program Account at $64.4 million
Federal Energy Management Program Account at $22 million
Distributed Energy Program at $60 million
Energy Information Administration at $120.6 million
Zero Net Energy Commercial Buildings Initiative at $20 million

If you’d like to share your opinion or ask a question about technology issues, please contact Linda Danforth, District Director, at 253.896.3782 or

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