Saturday, August 9, 2008

New Blogger

We'd like to experiment with this blog a little more now that it's been online for several months. Of course, we owe a lot to Paul Ellis, who started it, and is still welcome to contribute. For those of you who don't know, Paul has decided to follow his dream - his granddaughter, by locating in Missouri.

In our experimentation, we are open to local (Puget Sound) bloggers who would like to contribute to a discussion of technology. If you are interested in being a blogger on this blog, let me - your administrator - know.

First in line to join is Mike O'Brien, who some of you may already know. Mike:
  • Graduated Pacific Lutheran University w/ Business Degree. Had small personal business tech consultancy in high school / college.
  • Oversaw customer and press relationships at XKL during startup phase, designed optical networks for “household name” companies. Stories in WSJ, Christian Science Monitor, Network World, etc.
  • Founded Praece Strategic Technology Consulting in early 2008 – Focused on helping small/medium companies align technology plans with business goals, bringing fortune 1000 level “strategic technology focus” to firms of all sizes

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