Sunday, October 19, 2008

U.S. Innovation Down?

Pulled from a recent Computerworld Article:

By most measures, the U.S. is in a decade-long decline in global technological competitiveness. The reasons are many and complex, but central among them is the country's retreat from long-term basic research in science and technology, coupled with a surge in R&D by countries such as China.

It's interesting that this article takes such a negative view on this topic.  First of all, the US is still innovating at a rapid clip, it's just that the emergence of thriving market economies make America less relatively dominant.  I'd argue that's not a bad thing; world production is up dramatically as a direct result.  Secondly, while it's true that large monolithic R&D projects are in decline, exciting venture-funded startups are more than picking up the slack.  From Online Services to Alternative Energy, US entrepeneurs are consistently delivering on new frontiers.  Let's keep at it!

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Michael O'Brien is a partner at Praece Strategic Technology Consulting, helping small and medium businesses align technology plans with business goals.

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