Saturday, November 29, 2008

Deal Done Due

Program courtesy of the The TacomaAngel Network (TAN), and price discount courtesy of the Chamber: “Doing the Deal—Due Diligence”

Use this special code when registering yourself or others to get the special price: [promo code 6614], and pay only $115.

To register.

The first Doing the Deal Course this past November 19th at UWT’s new William W. Philips Hall, facilitated by noted Intellectual Property expert Bob Okabe, was raved about by the attendees—
  • made it clear why investors need certain provisions,

  • and why companies need theirs;

  • and how to make the two come together

--a critical marriage that needs to be understood by all who are interested in Economic Development in the region.

And, that session, importantly, was attended by 40% angel investors, 30% companies wanting to learn how to best present their case for funding, and 30% from the planning and service community learning how to serve their communities and clients better. A similar mix is expected at this new Seminar.

This is your invitation to come, and bring your associates, to take the Doing the Deal course’s most critical Sequel: Doing the Deal—Due Diligence. This Course has been touted as “the one course to take IF you are taking only one! “ It will be led by Bill Payne, the nationally acclaimed facilitator, and a serial entrepreneur with over 40 angel deals under his belt, as well.

(And, for this new seminar—Due Diligence-- we will be combining the seminar with a Special Invitation for you to personally join us for TAN’s regular deal sharing meeting during the lunch break—see first hand, how three new high potential companies present to obtain funding).

In this Seminar, learn the steps to know if your or any other proposition makes sense or doesn’t: Know how to tell if a business plan is solid, the management can perform, and that the marketing, manufacturing, technology, patents, and capital plan don’t have fatal flaws.

And get it from the best. The Power of Angel Investing ™ By the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, presented by the Angel Capital Education Foundation, hosted as a public service by the TacomaAngel Network (TAN) and supported by the Tacoma Pierce County Chamber.

AND, If you or one of your colleagues have already taken the first portion--Term sheet, Valuation and Building Portfolios, then Doing the Deal—Due Diligence is the “bookend” course required to complete that education.

PLUS you will, as a courtesy of the Tacoma Pierce County Chamber, you may receive the courtesy of the low TAN discount price. Pay about half what the first course costs, due to Due Diligence’s somewhat shorter length.

Remember: Due Diligence is critical to your making any proposition successful—perhaps the most important part of an investor committing investment funds; or someone committing their life’s work or betting their career on an endeavor, is to learn the way to tell if the proposition or deal is REAL or not.

All the right terms and proper valuation don’t mean a thing if the proposition doesn’t hold water, if the business plan, really doesn’t make sense or can’t be done, if the people cant do the job, or the marketing, technology, patents, manufacturing, or capital structure have a fatal flaw. You need to know whether each of these components measure up, so you aren’t blindsided with a failure after putting in so much effort.

In short, you, or someone from your organization, should take this course and find out how to know!

  • What must be confirmed;

  • the cost of confirming; and

  • the risk of not knowing.

  • What it takes to validate the plan,

  • and contain the risks.

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