Wednesday, January 14, 2009

FRBSF Introduces Tech Pulse

Well, it may not be a surge, but it's nice to know the tech sector has got a pulse given this economy.

The Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco today announced the new Tech Pulse Index, a measure that tracks economics in the U.S. IT sector. The index first appeared in the FRBNY, but has been revised and is no longer comparable. Starting January 14, the index will be published every second Wednesday by the FRBSF Center for the Study of Innovation and Productivity. More info on CSIP's website.

So what's the conclusion? The Tech Pulse Index suggests that the current downturn is much less severe than the 2001 bust. Instead, for those old enough to remember and not burned out, it's considered comparable to those in 1991, 1983 and 1974. HOWEVER, it's unlikely we're now at bottom, so the worst is probably yet to come.

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