Wednesday, February 11, 2009

TAN Presents Another Winner

The TacomaAngel Network produced another winner with its follow on course for Due Diligence* after last November's Deal Making seminar. Again with the assistance of the Kauffman Foundation and serial entrepreneur Bill Payne, a full house at the UWT's William Philip Hall worked at making themselves better angel investors.

The all-day seminar sandwiched TAN's regular general membership forum where two companies were featured to the qualified investors. Seminar participants had the immediate opportunities to practice the classroom coursework. After hearing the 15-minute tall-building elevator speeches of each company's spokesperson, 5-minute Q&A sessions delved into the heart of investment opportunities.
Then, the entrepreneurs retreated to display areas where the potential investors could follow up with earlier unasked questions, and finger the merchandise on display.
Angel groups in the western Washington area are beginning to do more things in collaboration. Larry Kopp, Co-Chair of TAN welcomed all registered attendees, and noted that half the seminar enrollees were from other angel organizations.
This example of a sharing of entrepreneurial training on a regional basis matches the database sharing among these same angel groups via their websites but as they also assist one another by opening sharing protocols.
* The Power of Angel Investing is a program of the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation and is presented by the Angel Capital Education Foundation

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