Friday, November 20, 2009

SST Excels for 10th Time

The 10th annual South Sound Technology (SST) 2009, ramrodded by Andrew Fry, Institute of Technology, University of Washington Tacoma, produced a resounding success. Beginning with the video presentation by Cong. Adam Smith (staying in D.C. to vote), the program produced an all-round view of the technology field.

Of particular interest was the panel: Entrepreneurship in the South Sound, Creating Connections. This featured, as pictured above: Derek Young/Seasonal View, John Dimmer/TacomaAngel Network, Brian Forth/SiteCrafting, Mark Briggs/Serra Media and (not pictured) Graham Evans, Washington Technology Center.

Other highlights included a breakout session on Sustainability and Energy with John Martin/Clean Tech Open (far left) and Joanne Buselmeier (left) and Arabie-Jaloway Hill (right) from TacomaACTS.
Arabie-Jaloway Hill discussed the potential of innovation and entrepreneurship in regards to building the green economy. Along with Joanne Buselmeier, they highlighted the pivotal role that local business plays in sustainability. Joanne stressed that there is a significant presence of "green" businesses who already provide a local example, meshing sustainability with Tacoma's unique economic environment. TacomaACTS is committed to supporting and advocating for entrepreneurs building upon this foundation."

At the end of the day, a breakout session on Supporting Infrastructure of the South Sound was emceed by (on right) Gary Penley, Alliance Enterprises, Dr. Orlando Baiocchi, IT/UWT, Darin Cyr, Grey Hat Group, Lincoln Ferris, Nuco Consulting and Gary Brackett, Tacoma-Pierce County Chamber who staffs their Tacoma Technology Consortium and administers the TacomaAngel Network.

Brackett offered to begin a new series on this blog spotlighting the South Sound technology companies. To participate, companies may send a short, blog length article and links to him.

During the conference, there was often a call for greater networking opportunities, greater visibility of local tech firms and chances for young professionals to enjoy the community.

Of special note, Andrew Fry talked briefly of a new directory of tech companies in the South Sound his interns have recently completed - counting 88 firms from the largest and most obvious to the small start-ups of beginning entrepreneurs. We hope to hear more from him about this resource soon.

Our thanks and congratulations to the event sponsors which included the Chamber in the presentation of SST 2009: Institute of Technology UWT, City of Tacoma and Gridwork.

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