Friday, April 23, 2010

Angels Fight!

As blogged yesterday, the Angel Capital Association has been working hard to address the issues in the Senate financial reform bill that affect angel investors and entrepreneurs. You can keep track of the issues, overall activity and our progress on ACA's Web site, ACA has posted a WSJ editorial that certainly caught many people's attention.

ACA's Executive Director Marianne Hudson said, I want to let you know that we have made some good progress in Washington, DC including working with the bill's author, Sen. Christopher Dodd - who plans to promote two amendments on the Senate floor to greatly improve the bill. ACA has published its statement of support for these amendments on their Web site for more information.

We greatly appreciate the work many of you have done to contact your Senators and policy makers about these issues. You have made a huge difference!

It is important, though, that angels continue the fight! You can link to our Senators here.

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