Friday, September 17, 2010

Mobile App Links Retailers & Consumers

The Tacoma Metro marketplace is the first market in the country to get access to an exciting new technology being introduced by WhereURnow LLC. The company has developed a robust mobile application platform that will allow businesses of all sizes and scope to link up with consumers, who are interested in their services.

Additionally, the application utilizes the location information for both the consumer and the businesses to deliver information to consumers from businesses, based on what is closest to them. This allows business owners to target consumers who are interested in their services and are in their neighborhood.

The consumer gets relevant information both by proximity and their interests and provides mapping and directions to those businesses. As a consumer, you can also easily change the location of your search from your current location to another location with just a few clicks inside the application. You can select a different zip code, a different neighborhood, city or state.

The WhereURnow platform is a web based application, so it also allows consumers to look for information about businesses from their home or work and then easily save that info to their phone for future use.

The business owner also uses the web platform to manage their content on the WhereURnow platform. This allows the business owner 24/7 access to their content and allows them to change that content instantaneously. A business owner has the ability to have multiple offers in the system. The management system provided in the platform also gives the owner access to a complete redemption tracking system for any offers they put into the system and provides access to a loyalty program managed entirely through the WhereURnow interface.

The company launched the service on September 15th and is currently signing up businesses in advance of the public launch of the application in mid-October, which will be accompanied by a significant media campaign on local TV and internet sites.

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