Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Two Sides of the Angel's Coin

Entrepreneurs can be either the inventor or the financier who provides the business acumen to bring new products and new processes to the marketplace.

The TacomaAngel Network is Tacoma's answer to both these sets of entrepreneurs.  At today's TacomaAngel Network meeting, three entrepreneurial ventures were presented to the TacomaAngel Network of successful angels.  (Angels are SEC-qualified, high net worth individuals who seek opportunity in bringing new products and new companies to profitability.) 

This picture is a perfect example of the cross-pollination that occurs.  Here Entrepreneur Bob explains his prototype tilting three-wheeled motorcycle to Angel Nick.  As one of the three presentations that the TacomaAngel Network heard today, Entrepreneur Bob got to explain his invention, his business plan and make that pitch why Angel Nick and his fellow angels should invest in him. 

If you are an SEC-qualified Angel and would like the group dynamics that recruit, screen and present Entrepreneurial opportunities from within the Pacific Northwest region, you could contact the group's administrator Gary Brackett for more information.

If you are that rarest of gifted individuals who have both a great idea and a concept for making it pay off for you and those who invest in you, visit the TacomaAngel Network website and begin the registration process to have your business considered for investment.  In addition to grabbing for the golden ring, you'll find resources and contacts to help you prepare and market your enterprise.

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