Wednesday, January 29, 2014

NWEA Becomes Element 8

At its annual Cleantech Leadership Forum, Northwest Energy Angels officially became Element 8.

Its new name, image and messaging were chosen to better communicate to investors and entrepreneurs not just what they do, but why they do it -- to create a healthier and more sustainable planet.

Accompanying the new name is a completely re-designed website in which Element 8 tries to speak very directly to everyone whose expertise we can leverage, and with whom they can partner, to achieve the mission.

Northwest Energy Angels was founded in 2006, as the very first angel funding group exclusively focused on clean technology and sustainability.  Since that time, its investors and portfolio have grown until it became clear that the name, and its generic acronym NWEA, no longer reflected their full scope. 

Our 43 portfolio companies represent a wide range of products, services, and market sectors and are located all across North America.  Element 8 sees abundant opportunities to create a prosperous and brighter future. They were motivated to craft a name and brand that does not unintentionally limit the perception of its scope. And better yet, the Element 8 name conveys the future they intend to help create, and its aspirations for a sustainable and healthy planet. 

Element 8, the atomic expression for Oxygen, is a wonderful metaphor.  It evokes the aspirations of our work-clean air, clean water, an abundant element essential for life and health. And Oxygen is a change agent, as is the organization, sparking the fuel of monetary investments, as well as guiding and mentoring early-stage companies.


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