Thursday, June 28, 2007

CenturyTel Pulling the Plug on Countywide Wireless Internet

CenturyTel's test of wireless Internet in Steilacoom has determined that the technology works, but the limited profit forecast has pretty much killed the effort, The News Tribune has reported. Columnist Dan Voelpel--long a proponent for free, ubiquitous wireless surfing--inked the program's epitaph for this Sunday's edition.

CenturyTel was the winning bidder to a Request for Proposals last year from the Rainier Cable Commission, responding that it could install a countywide system with limited free access, sell long-term access to residents and businesses, provide free services to government and make money. During its presentation to the Tacoma Technology Consortium, however, the telco's business plan seemed sketchy, at best.

Across the U.S., many cities are finding their Wi-Fi projects costing more and drawing less interest than expected, leading to worries that a number will fail, resulting in millions of dollars in tax dollars or grants being wasted.

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  1. I also think it is not going to work as the current wireless mobile carriers will dominate wireless broadband internet access. The only other that might compete is companies like ClearWire. We will still see individual shops and shopping malls supporting WiFi, but the path to total wireless coverage will come from the mobile operators. Rob Greenlee,