Friday, June 15, 2007

NATO Considers Defense Against Cyberattacks

Just in from Brussels, in USA Today, is that NATO is considering defense against cyberattacks.

Seems it all stems from the recent cyberattacks on Estonia, resulting from displeasure with that nation's relocation of a WW II-era Soviet soldier statue from a park to a cemetery. In addition to riots by the ethnic Russian population, NATO spokesman James Appathurai said the cyberattacks were "sustained" and "coordinated," launched from about 50 countries.

The cyberattacks targeted banking, e-mail and other functions, but not the military systems. Estonia considers itself among the most advanced for online services (voting, internet banking, etc.). All this seems consistent with asymmetrical warfare's focus on other targets than the military.

No final decision on anything beyond studying the issue. Like this is the first example of cyberattacks on either private, governmental or military e-systems.

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