Friday, August 10, 2007

Local Bloggers At the IDA World Congress

Do you want to "Find out how a blog works and why it may be an effective, even vital, tool in your district’s arsenal."?

Then mark your calendars for September 16th and head out to New York for the 2007 World Congress put on by the International Downtown Association. In a round-table talk show session that is titled "Building Your BID’s Buzz Through Blogging", two of Tacoma's own will be sharing their expertise with the world.

Paul Ellis, Director for Metropolitan Development for the Tacoma-Pierce County Chamber and civic blogger and Derek Young, the "unabashedly pro-Tacoma" heart and mind behind the South Sounds premier web site Exit133, will be on hand to present and then discuss how their blogging efforts have helped to shape the town and foster its community.

Paul blogs on the BIA Blog website, and is a contributing blogger to this site as will as On Ramp, which he administers.

Derek's efforts on Exit133 which he created in its current form in 2005, have turned it into a media source for the area and a community forum for discussions regarding the district. As the site states, "Exit133 is about Tacoma. It's about Real Estate, Politics, the Arts, Urban Development, and the interests of our readers."

No doubt we will be hearing from both of them all about the event in September. Enjoy New York and blog from the event if you can.

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