Thursday, August 30, 2007

Ray Gun a "Disruptive Innovation"

Technology fortunes have been made with disruptive innovations that have turned industries inside out.

Now, it seems the Department of Defense is slow to employ a new disruptive innovation as reported by, and searchable under "Active Denial System." In short, the device is a directed-energy device, but not a laser or microwave. There have been programs on TV illustrating this or a similar device, where even the OIC and the TV host were willing to be guineau-pigs in demonstrations for the camera.

MSNBC quotes many high-level military leaders asking for the device to control unruly crowds that cover insurgent activities resulting in the deaths of innocents. While concerns are voiced that the general public may view the device as a "torture weapon," sunburns are not nearly as bad as bullet wounds.

Potential public perception aside, the only dispute on practicality seems to be whether the weapon is deployable. Defense research agencies seem to say "no," and defense industry manufacturers seem to say "yes."

Doubtless, such a unique weapon would itself become a prime target in the urban battlefield. But could the risk to our soldiers and the $$ cost be any greater than already endured?

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