Thursday, November 3, 2011

Seattle Interactive Conference

Tacoma, Pierce County and the Chamber were all well represented this week at the Seattle Interactive Conference. Hope you didn't miss it.

There were great speakers on technology, creativity, and emergent trends, including Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, T-Mobile, Yelp, RIM, AT&T, Google, and numerous other companies doing amazing things in the web, cloud, mobile, TV or social media space.

Hopefully some of the local attendees will see this and post some of the interesting things they learned here...

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  1. Just to share a few of my thoughts from this event: It wasn't quite as 'cutting edge' as I hoped, but I did gain a lot of fresh insights about digital advertising space.

    Also it was pretty fun hearing the speakers from Bing and Google poke at each other on a panel discussion about web search.

    Probably the most interesting presentation I attended was Real Networks talking about what they're doing with 'socially interactive TV' and where this might go.