Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Creating Community Through Blogging Symposium

A symposium titled "Experiencing Communities: Bloggers' Perspectives" will be held April 28th at the Seattle Central Library. At this event bloggers from the Seattle area will discuss their experiences so that the group, to quote their flyer, "can learn from their successes, setbacks, and aspirations and discover new strategies for forging university-community collaboration through blogging".

It already sounds fascinating, but when you add into the mix that Derek Young, our resident blogger behind Exit133, is going to be there and presenting, well that just about makes it a must. Derek will be a panelist for "Blogging and Place" along with Justin Carder, a blogger from the Capital Hill neighborhood.

The symposium is the culminating event of Creating Community Through Blogging, a cross-disciplinary research cluster sponsored by the Simpson Center for the Humanities.

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