Monday, April 23, 2007

Technology Companies List

Anyone working in computing and technology, as well as those looking to move or open an office here in the South Sound, would have the question: "Where are the technology people and companies and what do they do?". It’s important to know how fertile the area is for collaboration, human resource and funding among other things. Joining the Tacoma Technology Consortium is a start, but what about a straight out list?

There are a few resources to look for the information. You can check with the WSA, the largest technology trade organization in the state, and look for headquarter addresses. You can Google “Tacoma Technology Companies” and get some idea. Networking at Tacoma technology events helps. There are also two other resources available that attempt to give a resource index of the companies here and what they do. The staff from the Tacoma-Pierce County Chamber that support the Tacoma Technology Consortium have compiled a census of local firms on a periodic basis, from which they can post a public list (the updated 2007 list is now under construction). So does Jamie at Thrice All American.

Because Jamie cares a lot about what a healthy technology sector looks like in the South Sound, he keeps an ongoing list of companies and organizations he is aware of on his web site as part of its charter. He also works at one. What is good about his approach is that it allows for the extended arm of the online community to keep the list as up to date and complete as possible. How complete is it? I don’t know, but it is a good start. Take a look yourself and see what is there, what should be added and what should be deleted.

Like any growing and vibrant industry, additions and subtractions have to be made. I would like to see a category for both start ups and branch offices set up. I also would like to know if a company merges, does it stay in the same location as a Tacoma branch, or move its folks away?

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