Wednesday, April 18, 2007

"Fuzzy Logic" at the Institute of Technology

One of the great thrills of being part of a University come with the many opportunities to hear from brilliant individuals who have had an impact on the world. You can recruit them, hire them or catch them at a conference, and sometimes they come to your doorstep.

April 25th, Dr. Lotfi Zadeh will be coming to the UWT to give a presentation. Dr Zadeh is known as the father of fuzzy logic, a theory he pioneered in the 1960's. As stated in the press release, "Fuzzy Logic attempts to mirror the pervasive imprecision of the real world by providing a model for human reasoning in which everything - including truth - is a matter of degrees".

At its introduction, the idea was scoffed at. Today it is in our cars, refrigerators, cameras, appliances and even our every day lexicon. Patents for fuzzy logic application are in the thousands.

Currently, he is speaking to how fuzzy logic and natural language can be applied in the computational process. Pretty cool.

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